Custom Chips
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Custom Chips

Broadex Technologies offers a wide array of customizable PLC chips that are designed and manufactured at our 8" PLC fabrication facility.  Complexity ranges from simple interposers that re-route waveguides, which optionally change the mode field diameter to reduce insertion loss between 2 waveguides with mismatching diameters, to more intricate coherent mixer chips , which convert a phase encoded signal to amplitude.  With Broadex' proprietary functional film insertion process, we can place polarizers and waveplates directly in to the waveguide path to compactly add functionality.

Metal and glass coatings are available to enhance the surface functionality of the PLC devices.


  • Low insertion loss
  • Functional film insertion
  • Metallisation and slot etching
  • Angled edge polishing



  • Optical channel monitor (OCM)
  • Bidirectional filter
  • Mode and space conversion interposers
  • Phase to amplitude conversion (coherent mixer chip)
  • Co-package routing chips


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