Broadex Technologies' Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating (Athermal AWG) is a fully passive device that requires no electrical power for thermal stabilization and are ideally suited for use in applications where no power is available. The Athermal AWG utilizes silica on silicon PLC technology to multiplex or de multiplex up to 96 wavelengths for DWDM bandwidth multiplication over a single fiber. Broadex Technologies offers a full line of MSA compatible Athermal AWGs with channel spacings of 50GHz, 75GHz, 100GHz, and 150GHz, covering the O,C, L and E Bands; and the devices are optimized for use in Central Office temperature applications (c temp) and or Remote Node temperature applications (i temp).

An Ultra Wideband (UWB) AWG is an extreme version of the standard flat top AWG, where the individual channel passbands are wider than the channel spacing, for example 125GHz passband on 100GHz channel spacing. This is used in coherent communications applications, where adjacent channels can be distinguished by their phase information to avoid the effects of channel overlap, while the very wide passbands allow for looser tolerances on lasers and filters in the system.


  • 50GHz, 75GHz, 100GHz, and 150GHz channel spaces are available
  • Up to 96 channels available
  • Low insertion loss and ultrawide passband shape
  • Available in MUX and DMUX configurations
  • C temp and i temp options
  • Telcordia GR 1209/1221 compliant



  • DWDM Transmission
  • Long haul coherent communications
  • Wavelength Routing
  • Optical Add/Drop


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Product SeriesDatasheet
64Ch 75GHz FT AAWG ModuleDatasheet-Ultra Wideband-64Ch 75GHz FT AAWG Module.pdf