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100G Optical Transceiver Modules


Broadex Technologies' high performance and cost effective 100G Optical Transceiver Modules are built utilizing our innovative SiPh and COB technology. These reliable and robust QSFP28 modules support high speed bit rates up to 100Gb/s over link distances up to 10km.


  • QSFP28 MSA form factor
  • Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply, 0°C to 70°C Commercial temperature
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3, RoHS, Class 1 laser safety certified by TUV/UL/FDA



Ethernet, Data Centers, Data Center Internal networks, Campus networks, Metropolitan networks, 5G wireless
networks and other communication environments.


Product SeriesP/NLink DistanceWavelength (nm)PackageConnectorTempLD/PDNotesDatasheet
100G SR4 QSFP28DH88hh QMCA100m850QSFP281*12 MPO/UPCCVCSEL+PIN4*25G NRZ electrical interface, 4*25G NRZ at 1*12 MPO/UPC optical interfaceDatasheet-DH88hh-QMCA (100G SR4 QSFP28) V001 20171012-B.pdf
100G LR4 QSFP28D1TThh-QLCA10km1295.56/1300.05 /1304.58/1309.14QSFP28LC/UPCCEML+PINLWDM, 4*25G NRZ electrical interface, 4*25G NRZ at LC/UPC optical interfaceDatasheet-D1TThh-QLCA(QSFP28 100G LR4) .pdf
100G DR1 QSFP28DK33ii QLCA500m1310QSFP28LC/UPCCDFB+PIN4*25G NRZ electrical interface, 1*100G PAM4 at LC/UPC optical interface, SiPh basedDatasheet-DK33ii-QLCA(100G DR QSFP28).pdf
100G CWDM4 QSFP28DDCChh-QLCA 2km1271/1291/1311/1331QSFP28LC/UPCCDFB+PIN CWDM, 4*25G NRZ electrical interface, 4*25G NRZ at LC/UPC optical interfaceDS-000022-E V001_DDCChh-QLCA_100G QSFP28 CWDM4-UK.pdf