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Hermetic Feedthrough Fiber Arrays


Broadex Technologies Fiber Arrays are assembled with high precision V groove arrays and undergo a unique assembly and polish process to obtain an extremely accurate fiber core position with ultra fine surface finish. 

Broadex provides a wide variety of fiber feedthroughs to match your hermetic sealing requirement. This method of enabling a hermetic seal is an easy and convenient alternative to fiber metallization, and the product comes with Broadex Technologies high quality fiber array for easy assembly into various types of optical modules that require true hermetic sealing.


  • Single mode, multimode or polarization maintaining fibers
  • Single or multiple fiber designs up to 24 channels
  • Ribbon fiber versions up to 24 channels available
  • Alternative to fiber metalization methods
  • Can be installed into packages with standard solders
  • Available terminated with round or rectangular ferrules
  • Designed to meet Telcordia requirements (GR 1221 core, GR 468 core)



  • Laser diode packaging
  • Waveguide packaging
  • Integrated optics packaging
  • Vacuum feedthrough assemblies


Product SeriesDatasheet
Hermetic Feedthrough Fiber ArraysDatasheet-Hermetic Feedthrough Fiber Array V1.pdf