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PON Optical Transceiver Modules


Broadex Technologies' class leading high performance and cost effective PON Optical Transceiver Modules are built utilizing our innovative COB technology. These reliable and robust modules are offered for numerous PON implementations as both OLT and ONU products.


  • SFP+ or XFP MSA form factor
  • Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply 0 C to 70 C Commercial or 40 C to 85 C Industrial temperature
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah/802.3av or ITU T 984.2/987.2/9807.1, RoHS, Class 1 laser safety certified by TUV/UL/FDA



FTTx networks, 5G wireless networks and other communication environments.


Product SeriesP/NClassWavelength (nm)Rate (Gb/s)PackageConnectorTempLD/PDDatasheet
10G EPON ONU SFP+D22799-SSHA, D32799-SSHAPR30 / PR40Tx 1270 Rx 1577Tx 10.31 Rx 10.31SFP+SC/UPCIDFB+APDDatasheet-D2(3)2799-SSHA (10G EPON ONU PR30_PR40 SFP plus)-UK.pdf
10G EPON OLT XFP D37299-XSCBPR30 / PR40Tx 1577+1490 Rx 1270+1310Tx 10.31+1.25 Rx 10.31+1.25XFPSC/UPCCEML+DFB+APDDatasheet-D2(3)7299-XSCB (10G EPON OLT PR30_PR40 XFP)-UK.pdf
10G EPON OLT SFP+D27299-SSCB, D37299-SSCBPR30 / PR40Tx 1577+1490 Rx 1270+1310Tx 10.31+1.25 Rx 10.31+1.25SFP+SC/UPCCEML+DFB+APDDatasheet-D2(3)7299-SSCB (10G EPON OLT PR30_PR40 SFP plus)-UK.pdf
EPON OLT SFPD24355-SSHD, D34355-SSHD, D44355-SSCPX20+ / ++ / +++Tx 1490 Rx 1310Tx 1.25 Rx 1.25SFPSC/UPCC/IDFB+APDDatasheet-D24355-SSHD (EPON OLT PX20 plus_PX20 plus plus_PX20 plus plus plus SFP)-UK.pdf
GPON OLT SFPD44364-SSCB, D54364-SSCBB+ / C+ / C++ / DTx 1490 Rx 1310Tx 2.48 Rx 1.24SFPSC/UPCCDFB+APDDatasheet-D2(345)4364-SSCB (GPON OLT B plus_C plus_C plus plus_D SFP)-UK.pdf
GPON ONU SFPD23446-SSHAB+Tx 1310 Rx 1490Tx 1.24 Rx 2.48SFPSC/UPC IDFB+PINDatasheet-D23446-SSHA (GPON ONU B plus SFP)-UK.pdf
XG-PON OLT SFP+D272R6-SSCA, D372R6-SSCAN1 / N2aTx 1577 Rx 1270Tx 9.95 Rx 2.48SFP+SC/UPCCEML+APDDatasheet-D2(3)72R6-SSCA (XG-PON OLT N1_N2a SFP plus)-UK.pdf
XG-PON ONU SFP+D2276R-SSHAN1Tx 1270 Rx 1577Tx 2.48 Rx 9.95SFP+SC/UPCIDFB+APDDatasheet-D2276R-SSHA (XG-PON ONU N1 SFP plus)-UK.pdf
XGS-PON OLT SFP+D272RR-SSCC, D372RR-SSCC, D472RR-SSCCN1/ N2/ E1Tx 1577 Rx 1270Tx 9.95 Rx 9.95/2.48 SFP+SC/UPCCEML+APDDatasheet-D2(34)72RR-SSCC (XGS-PON OLTN1_N2_E1 SFP plus)-UK.pdf
XGS-PON ONU SFP+D227RR-SSHCN1Tx 1270 Rx 1577Tx 9.95 Rx 9.95 SFP+SC/UPCIDFB+APDDatasheet-D227RR-SSHC (XGS-PON ONU SFP plus)-UK.pdf
XGS Combo PON OLT SFP+D272RR-SSCBN1 / B+Tx 1577/1490 Rx 1270/1310Tx 9.95/2.48 Rx 9.95/2.48SFP+SC/UPCCEML+APD / DFB+APDDatasheet-D272RR-SSCB -XGSPON&XGPONGPON Combo OLT 通用.pdf