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10G DWDM LR (C-band) SFP+

Product Features

  • Supports data rate 1~11.3Gbps, and Without CDR
  • Up to 24dB link-budget for 20km transmission distance over 9/125um SMF
  • 100GHz ITU-T Grid C-band DWDM wavelength
  • EML, APD
  • 2-wire interface for integrated digital diagnostic monitoring
  • SFP+ package with single LC/UPC receptacle optical interface and SFI electrical interface
  • Single +3.3V power supply
  • Operation case temperature -40~85°C for industrial
  • Compliant with SFF-8431, SFF-8432
  • RoHS compliance, and Class 1 laser safety



Ethernet, Data centers, Data center Internal networks, Campus networks, Metropolitan networks, 5G wireless networks and other communication environments.


10G DWDM LR (C-band) SFP+


Product SeriesP/NLink DistanceWavelength (nm)PackageConnectorTempLD/PDNotesDatasheet
10G DWDM LR (C-band) SFP+D2DD99-SLHS-xx20kmC-band DWDMSFP+LC/UPCIEML+APDEML+APD basedDatasheet-D2DD99-SLHS-xx (10G DWDM LR C-band SFP plus)-UK.pdf