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Partnering to jointly launch NGSP MSA

Broadex Technologies (Shenzhen Stock Exchange 300548), a leading provider of optoelectronic components to the telecom and datacom markets, today announced that it is partnering with other industry-leading companies to jointly launch the Next Generation SFP Multi-Source Agreement (NGSFP MSA).

The NGSFP MSA working group will provide a platform for innovation by companies in the communications industry. It will promote the standardization of high-density compact optical module packaging technologies and product specifications.

Partnering to jointly launch NGSP MSA

One focus for the working group will be 100GE, which has been adopted as the mainstream data rate for the next generation of high-density miniaturized optical modules. To date, the 100GE module package has undergone five generations of evolution, but for datacenter applications, the QSFP28 needs to be further miniaturized, while achieving low power consumption and high performance in a cost-effective form. By collaborating, the members of the NGSFP MSA will seek to agree on a standardized approach to further 100GE module development and create a common platform to accelerate its implementation.

The NGSFP MSA will expand on the work previously done by the Dual Small Form-Factor Pluggable Multi-Source Agreement (DSFP MSA), and new initiatives will be compatible with SFP and DSFP to maximize the use of existing industry resources.


The NGSFP MSA Standard Working Group aims to create an open, sustainable and compatible MSA standard through innovations from member companies, with the goal of developing a unified standard. Participating companies include Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, Accelinky, Broadex Technologies, Yihua Connectors, Hisense Broadband, HiSilicon, LEONI, Luxshare-ICT, Source Photonics, TRI-LIGHT, and Yamaichi Electronics.



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